More than one way to fly

When we walk down a city street we may not always appreciate its history. In the 19th century Wind Street was at the forefront of Swansea’s industrial growth. In the mid-20th century it rose from the ashes of wartime bombing. And now, as the 21st century hits its stride, this vibrant street is buzzing with activity. Here at Tino’s we’re proud to be part of that.  We know Swansea’s history and we’re helping to write the next chapter. 

Tino Dzaro’s journey began in her native Zimbabwe, it led her to England and then to South Wales. When she arrived in Swansea in 2010 her future seemed to be mapped out. An aerospace degree and a lucrative future with a multinational beckoned. But a love of her adopted home by the sea combined with an entrepreneurial spirit opened up a new path. Tino completed her degree studies, then the adventure really started. 

Breaking the news that she was staying in Swansea and choosing a new career, Tino told her mother that it was time for her to fly. When she first noticed the café at 11 Wind Street it was a failing business surrounded by tough competition. She had to fight hard for investment and use every penny of her own money to get things started. And in three years of degree studies, Tino had never made or drunk a single cup of coffee.

How did she make it work?

She just decided to. She got up each morning, learned what she needed to learn and kept working towards her goals. And – crucially – she made it all about the customer.

When you’re driven by a service ethic, there’s no room for excuses. At Tino’s the customer comes first. We believe you’re entitled to the best food, the best coffee and the best experience money can buy. Over the past three years a growing band of regulars have found a haven where they can eat, drink and relax in company. We know our customers enjoy a drink, and we offer a great choice including the best of European wines and the best of local beers and ciders. And we also know they enjoy conversation and entertainment. Our comedy, salsa and poetry evenings showcase local talent and give the customer something different and fun.

You can have fun and culture

You can be busy and chilled

You can start a new life five thousand miles away and feel more at home than ever

Because there’s more than one way to fly. 

When Tino’s opens its doors every morning, we’re doing what Swansea has always done. This is a city with a rich history of welcoming visitors, folding them into the local culture and encouraging them to invigorate the economy. It’s a city of beauty and invention. 

People come to Swansea and they stay. They stay for the beach, they stay for the people, and they stay for the opportunities. It’s a place that gives you a platform to succeed. It’s a place that helps you fly. Just ask Tino.

Opening Hours

Mon - Tues - Thurs: 8am - 6pm
Wed - Fri - Sat: 8am - 1am
Sun: 10am - 4pm


"Had my first experience at Tino's today and all I can say is perfect, warm welcome and homemade food, will definitely come back" Dec 2016